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How to set applications to start up automatically after login in Mac OS X

In this how-to I'd like to show how to make an application automatically start up in Mac OS X when a specific user logs in. Of course you can do this in many different ways but I will try to show the most simple options.

Option 1

The easiest way to do so, is to "right click" on the application and then select -> Options -> Open at Login.
That's it :-)
You can be sure next time you login to the system the application will start automatically.

Option 2

A bit more complicated way is shown below:

  1. Go to (apple) menu -> System Preferences…

  2. Run Users & Groups

  3. Highlight your user name -> click Login Items button located in the right pane -> and then press + button (Add an item to the Login Items list)

  4. From the left pane (FAVORITES) select Applications -> select an application you want to add (eg. -> and then press Add button.

  5. Selected application should be the last one on the list

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14 Feb 2015, 06:11
Great stuff, thanx a lot!
Joseph Malone
02 Feb 2016, 19:11
Great tip.
Can't believe how easy it was :)
Thank you!
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