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How to increase database size limit in Microsoft Exchange 2003

As you probably know Microsoft added database limits to their standard version of exchange servers which is 16GB. If your exchange database reaches this size it will dismount the mail storage in random time (on our servers it was usually at 4:00am for f&#!$k sake). After a while they have noticed it might be not enough and Service Pack 2 changes the limit to 75GB. Unfortunately you have to fix it automatically by modifying registry key and I will try to show you how to get this. I'd like to add that the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition does not have a maximum database size limit.

Follow the steps bellow to increase the database size limit but first of all make sure you have Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server installed.

  1. Download this file -> MicrosoftFixit50521.msi
  2. Run it and go through the instruction
  3. In the box provided type integer value of your new database size limit (the value has to be between 1 and 75 and it represents size in GB)

If you don't trust "file based fixes" and you want to have full control of what you are doing, you can always do it manually by going through the steps below.
Like in the previous fix make sure you have Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server installed and you have enough space on the disk the database sits on.

  1. On the computer that is running Exchange 2003 Standard Edition SP2 go to: menu Start -> Run -> type regedit and then click OK
  2. Go to the following key depending which store you want to increase:
    • If you like to change limit of the mailbox store go to:
    • If you like to change limit of the public folder store go to:
  3. In the right pane click right mouse button -> select New -> and then DWORD Value
  4. In the New Value #1 box type Database Size Limit in Gb -> press ENTER
  5. Right-click Database Size Limit in Gb -> and then select Modify...
  6. Select Decimal -> type an integer value from 1 to 75 in the Value data box

  7. Click OK -> and then close Registry Editor window
  8. Restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service by running the following commands in command prompt window:
    net stop msexchangeis
  9. and then after the service stopped successfully
    net start msexchangeis

The last bit will be to check in server's application logs that the database size has been changed successfully.

To do this go to:

  1. menu Start -> Run -> type eventvwr -> and then click OK
  2. In the Event Viewer console's right pane click Application
  3. Double-click event ID 1216 and verify that the database size has been set successfully

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