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How to enable hidden "Super Control Panel" in Windows 7

As you might not know under Windows 7 you can enable hidden "Super Control Panel" which shows absolutely every single option you can find in Action Center, Administrative Tools, AutoPlay, Backup and Restore, etc.

To see all the shortcuts and a lot more do the steps below:

  • Create new folder (Ctrl+Shift+N or right mouse click -> New -> Folder)
  • Change the name to enything you like
  • Add extenstion to the folder (dont miss any character between . and }
  • Accept new name by pressing ENTER (the icon will change and you will see all the options inside the folder you just created)

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18 Jul 2013, 16:40
This is great, I didn't know it exists.
Chris Smith
10 May 2014, 16:25
This is awesome. The question is, why doesn’t MS enable this to begin with? I guess I don’t understand why certain aspects of operating systems and software are hidden until “unlocked”, especially the ones that have the greatest utility. Sort of annoying.

Thanks for this tip though, I will be hooking this up tonight.
20 May 2015, 19:18
Thanks for this extremely useful piece of information! This should be one of the basic items in every Windows OS menu.
Chris Williams
08 Jul 2015, 02:04
I guess because you can type any of these features into the start menu search and they will appear in the bar. Useful to have them all in one place though.

Once you get over the initial 'wow look at all these toys' feeling, you will probably never use it. Particularly if you know a few msc and cpl shortcuts such as ncpa.cpl for network connections and services.msc. If you don't know the msc, try typing mmc into a run box, go to file>add remove snapin and add in the ones you want. Shortcuts and mmcs are a different conversation though.
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