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How to display a full address (URL) in Safari

The Safari 8.0, which has been introduced in OS X Yosemite brought lots of changes and new features to the Apple’s web browser. Some of them are very useful but the other might be quite annoying for some users. One of them is that you no longer see the full address of a web site you’re currently visiting. Thankfully Apple made it as a part of the config and you can easily disable this option.

Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Go to the Safari’s Preferences…

  2. Then Advanced -> and tick the box next to the Smart Search Field: (Show full website address)

There is no need to reboot your Mac or restart Safari. The change will take immediate effect and you’ll now see the full address of the visited website.

It’s worth to add that even if this option is un-ticked, you can still see the full address by clicking in the address field (or by pressing cmd ⌘ + L on the keyboard). This will highlight the URL (site address) and it will be fully displayed.



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02 Jan 2015, 13:16
Thank you for this solution, and for making it easy to find when I searched.

What an annoying change in Yosemite!
07 Jan 2015, 08:24
Thanks for this. Not sure what they thought they were “improving” with this change. Yes, you can bring up the complete url by clicking in that field, but requiring additional steps to complete a pretty standard task seems like a step backward to me.
29 Jan 2015, 11:06
All you have to do to see the full URL of any website page, is to click in the address field and it is displayed in its entirety. I really like the abbreviated address. Also, the page title is displayed in the Tab, so you always know where you are.
03 Feb 2015, 06:37
So right Bette… when I saw this ‘tip’ I was a little surprised that they didn’t point out what you have said. Oh well..
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