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How to create new System Restore Point in Windows 7/Vista

System Restore was first introduced in Windows Me (Windows Millennium) and was always quite useful feature in Windows OS. Usually the system creates it by itself but sometimes you might want to do it manually. Prior to Windows 7/Vista it was quite easy to find the place where you can set it up as creating or restoring could be done from System Restore application.
Unfortunately Microsoft decided to hide this feature a bit and remove it from System Restore app. What for? Who knows…

To create new System Restore Point under Windows 7/Vista you have to:

  1. Go to Start menu
  2. Right click on the Computer
  3. From the menu select Properties
  4. On the left pane click System protection
  5. In System Properties window (System Protection tab) press Create… button
  6. Type a Description in the box provided
  7. Press Create button

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