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How to back up Group Policy Objects in windows domain environment

It can be done in few easy steps and all you need is to have proper access rights to read them all.

  1. First open Group Policy Management console (gpmc.msc)
    • Start menu -> Administrative Tools -> Group Policy Management (or simply Win+R -> gpmc.msc -> OK)
  2. In the left pane expand:
    • Group Policy Management
    • Forest: YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME
    • Domains folder
  3. Right mouse click on Group Policy Objects
  4. From the menu select: Back Up All

  5. In Back Up Group Policy Object window press Browse... button -> select folder you want the backups go to -> press OK
  6. In Description field you can add some information
  7. Press Back Up button to start the process
  8. The new window should appear where you can see the backup progress bar and detailed information about every GPD backed up.

It is really good idea to restrict access to the folder you backed up the group policy objects to and that only authorized administrators have permission to access it.

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