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Here you can find some files like scripts, documents, examples, diagrams and other piece of software, which might be useful, but I couldn't find any better place for them :-)

File name Size Info Download
The 'Info' column provides some information about the file. To download the file, click on the arrow icon in 'Download' column.
Please notice that to save a script or graphic file you have to right click the download arrow and select 'Save link as...'
MicrosoftFixit50521.msi 698.5 kB
osecurity.bat 6.2 kB
loginscript_drives_mapping.vbs 2.2 kB
loginscript_drives_mapping.bat 1.2 kB
cat5_colours.gif 5.4kB
cat5_colours_cross_over.gif 8.2kB
disable_screen_saver.reg 286 b
map_home.vbs 359 b
restart_testpc.bat 244 b
10secping.bat 836 b
usb_types.jpg 10.4 kB
wifi_channel_chart.gif 25.7 kB

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